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Instructional Design via ADDIE

Deanna Deveau of D2 Academy first began her career as a technology support provider. After years of software support and user-education, she earned a Bachelor of Education degree, and eventually a Master of Science degree focusing on designing virtual learning environments. After teaching at Red Deer College she went on to create corporate training courses.

As a result of Deanna's experiences, much of D2 Academy's instructional design includes virtual components. Incorporating online content allows users to engage in materials anytime and from anywhere they have an Internet connection.  However, we will work with your organization to create training that fits your people and your corporate culture.

Please see the tabs below to learn more about "ADDIE";  the instructional design process we follow.


This initial phase of the instructional design process is all about identifying training needs, determining audience existing knowledge and skill level to establish opening benchmarks. Working with your subject matter experts we identify desired outcomes, instructional modes (online, face-face, blended) and project timelines


In this phase we create an outline of what the project will look like, determine assessment tools, and make decisions regarding lesson planning and content creation (exercises, discussions, interactive assets, media, etc.)

Each lesson includes:
~ Integrating current theories of instructional design
~ Writing learner objectives
~ Storyboarding
~ Graphic Design


In this phase we assemble the assets and lessons generated in the design phase to produce useable lessons. All aspects of the course are tested and tweaked to ensure flawless delivery. The project is reviewed and feedback for changes, improvements, etc. are discussed and implemented.


During the implementation phase we work with your facilitators to establish standard procedures for delivery of this content, review training guides, course curriculum, and delivery models. Facilitator training helps ensure the new content flows seamlessly from one lesson to another and that all objectives are addressed.


This final phase of the instructional design process is all about assessment and using data to drive subsequent instructional design. In this phase:

~ We work with your subject matter experts to assess whether learner and corporate objectives are met

~ Determine whether materials and lessons are effective based on learner assessments

* Formative Assessments - occur throughout the user's experience with this instructional design

* Summative - occur at the end of the user's experience with the instructional design in the form of tests created along with materials

Both forms of user assessment are vital indicators of employee performance and material/lesson effectiveness



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